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  • You want to clearly understand the Bible and what it means.

  • You want a deeper understanding of the eternal purposes of God.

  • You want to know what it means to step into the Spirit and into what God is doing.

  • You want to enter the kingdom and live a kingdom lifestyle here on earth.


    1. Lesson 1: What does love look like

    2. Lesson 2: Love is Who We Are

    3. Lesson 3: Love Fulfills the Law

    4. Quiz: Understanding Love

    1. Lesson 1: Why Do We Have A Bible?

    2. Lesson 2: The Value of the Bible

    3. Lesson 3: Who is the Author of the Bible

    4. Lesson 4: How to Study the Word of God

    5. Quiz: Understanding basics

    1. Lesson 1: Genesis and Revelation Hold the Bible Together

    2. Lesson 2: How Genesis was Given

    3. Lesson 3: The Meaning of Beginning and the End

    4. Understanding Realms

    5. Understanding Day in the Word

    6. Quiz: Understanding Creation

    1. Compilation of the Bible

    2. The Spirit Language

    3. Quiz: Understanding the Language

    1. Dividing Time

    2. Patterns of Time

    3. Genesis 1 is the blueprint of time

    4. Two Days or Two Realms

    5. The Patterns of Day

    6. Jesus Brought the Day

    7. Quiz: Understanding Time

Understanding the Bible

  • $99.00
  • 63 lessons

Learn from someone with over 20 years of experience in studying the Word and in ministry.

Hi! I'm Solape Osoba. A minister and instructor.

Understanding the Bible is a course that took almost twenty years to put together. It results from 20 years of studying the Word of God and following Jesus. I have had such a passion for the Word of God and it has been my aim to understand the truths of the Word and to step into the power of the Holy Spirit to live out those truths in my everyday life. No matter what stage you are in your walk with the Lord, you will benefit from this course. As a seasoned disciple of Jesus or someone who has recently met the Lord, you’ll learn a lot of revelation from this course.

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  • What age group may participate in the school?

    The courses are designed for adults and some teenagers will also be able to benefit.

  • Is there a refund if I choose to discontinue the school?

    Sorry, but no. All enrollement fees are final and non-refundable.

  • How is this bible school different from other schools of ministry?

    Any believer at any stage of his/her spiritual walk may register for this Bible school. The Living Word Bible School seeks to bring clarity where there has been confusion for Christians in rightly dividing the written Word. The Living Word Bible School will help you understand the Spirit language that’s in the Bible. In addition, some of the topics that are covered in a school of ministry may be revisited in the Living Word Bible School.

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